About Us

Patrick Albin and Dmitry Klimkin are the design and technical co-founders of ThreadWeather. Patrick is a passionate UX designer, photographer and lover of fashion, and Dmitry is a brilliant engineer who can write beautiful code for anything we can dream up and has a voracious appetite for all things tech.

Together we have built a mobile fashion discovery platform, marketplace and weather app that offers personalized style advice and the current weather condition. Users follow the fashion influencers and brands they love and get inspiring style tailored to their individual tastes and weather conditions with the ability to purchase the items from the looks they love.

ThreadWeather users embrace the day feeling confident, stylish and dressed appropriately no matter what Mother Nature sends their way.

  • Patrick Albin
    Design Founder & CEO

    Patrick is an experience designer who has worked on many successful e-commerce and consumer facing companies including BananaRepublic.com Gap.com, Epinions.com, One Medical Group, Nearby Now, Kno and YDesign Group. He is the design co-founder of ThreadWeather a fashion discovery / weather mobile app that provides fashion influencer inspired style advice based on daily weather conditions tailored to the individual user.

  • Lily Albin
    Brainchild & COBO

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  • Dmitry Klimkin
    Technical Co-Founder and CTO

    Dmitry is ThreadWeather's co-founding engineer and brings over 10 years of experience in building distributed, reliable and robust software solutions (Desktop / Mobile / Server) for logistic, financial and other areas of business. Specializing in architecture and implementation of cross-platform, concurrent, massive data processing and distributed systems.

  • Manuel Maguina
    UI Architect

    Manuel is ThreadWeather's UI Architect. He has been working on Software Development for the past 12 years. He enjoys learning and experimenting with latest web technology. His experience includes working in tech companies like Intel and HP Enterprise. Manuel is also an avid e-gamer, you might find him playing online during the weekend killing monsters.

  • Babak Rasolzadeh
    Data Scientist / Advisor

    Babak joins ThreadWeather as tactical advisor for all things AI, computer vision, machine learning and data science and he thrives in expanding the horizons of his capabilities both personally and professionally. Babak specializes in research, scientific methodology, algorithm design, computer vision, team building, leadership, education. We are honored to have Babak on our team.

  • Mike Ivanov
    Data Scientist

    Mike is a Full Stack Data Scientist specializing in Predictive Analytics, Network Science and Natural Language Processing. He has over twenty years experience in Software Development and a unique combination of highly valuable skills. We are very excited to have Mike Ivanov on the ThreadWeather team.

  • Tiffany Wong
    Social Media Strategist

    Tiffany is an analyst specializing in Social Media and PR and monitors ThreadWeather's social media accounts to drive brand awareness. We are excited to have Tiffany Wong on the ThreadWeather team.

  • Jeshua John
    Growth & Partnerships Intern

    Jeshua is a freshman undergrad pursuing a degree in Business Administration. He has extensive customer service experience, and has spent time in front of the camera looking boyishly handsome. Having grown up in a broad range of climates like the Tropics, Midwest and now in the San Francisco Bay Area, he understands the need to be comfortably dressed and prepared for the day. Jeshua is trilingual, speaking English, Mandarin, Malay and is currently learning Spanish as a fourth language. You are most likely to catch him playing beach volleyball and sipping margaritas.