About Us

Lily Albin is the brainchild and Chief Observation Officer at ThreadWeather. Patrick Albin and Dmitry Klimkin are the design and technical co-founders. Lily is a mini girl-boss-in-training who is inspired by other girl bosses and aspires to become one herself. Patrick is a passionate UX designer, photographer, and lover of fashion, and Dmitry is a brilliant engineer who can write beautiful code for anything and has a voracious appetite for all things tech.

Meet the team

  • Lily Albin
    Brainchild & COO (Chief Observation Officer)

    Brainchild, Lily Albin is currently a 5th grader in Oakland, California. As a mini girl-boss-in-training, Lily is inspired by other girl bosses and with the empowerment of her parents, aspires herself to become one. As the Chief Observation Officer, nothing passes unnoticed, as Lily holds everyone accountable with the direct, literal approach only a 5th grader could possess. When not at school, or taking care of business at ThreadWeather, Lily enjoys riding bikes and horseback riding.

  • Angela Arment
    Head of Influencer and Brand Partnerships

    Angela is ThreadWeather’s Head of Influencer and Brand Partnerships and found her passion for business while still at university studying Supply Chain and Logistics Management. She started a property management business as a freshman and grew it into a successful company. A lover of both technology and fashion, she is determined to make comfort and confidence more accessible for all women. You can catch her buzzing around on her Vespa for 3 months a year in sunny Portland, OR.

  • Christina Avellan
    Head of User Researcher

    Christina is ThreadWeather’s Head of User Researcher and has been studying people and their environments for over a decade. She discovered her love for research and experiential design while studying Sociology at Yale, and went on to earn her MA from NYU. Christina has applied her behavioral psychology acumen to a vast array of areas, from social justice to tech, creating people-centered programs, policies, and products along the way. She is thrilled to join ThreadWeathers’s efforts to empower people through intelligent, user-focused design.

  • Patrick Albin
    Design Founder & CEO

    Patrick is an experience designer who has worked on many successful e-commerce and consumer facing companies including BananaRepublic.com Gap.com, Epinions.com, One Medical Group, Nearby Now, Kno and YDesign Group. He is the design co-founder of ThreadWeather a fashion discovery weather app that provides users with stylish trends and inspiration from a community of fashion influencers and brands.

  • Dmitry Klimkin
    Technical Co-Founder and CTO

    Dmitry is ThreadWeather's co-founding engineer and brings over 10 years of experience in building distributed, reliable and robust software solutions (Desktop / Mobile / Server) for logistic, financial and other areas of business. Specializing in architecture and implementation of cross-platform, concurrent, massive data processing and distributed systems.

  • Manuel Maguina
    UI Architect

    Manuel is ThreadWeather's UI Architect. He has been working on Software Development for the past 15 years. He enjoys learning and experimenting with latest web technology. His experience includes working in tech companies like Intel and HP Enterprise.

  • Babak Rasolzadeh
    Data Scientist / Advisor

    Babak joins ThreadWeather as tactical advisor for all things AI, computer vision, machine learning and data science and he thrives in expanding the horizons of his capabilities both personally and professionally. Babak specializes in research, scientific methodology, algorithm design, computer vision, team building, leadership as well as education.

  • Mike Ivanov
    Data Scientist

    Mike is a Full Stack Data Scientist specializing in Predictive Analytics, Network Science and Natural Language Processing. He has over twenty years experience in Software Development and a unique combination of highly valuable skills.

  • Steven Leiserovich
    Social Media and Content Coordinator

    Steven comes to ThreadWeather as our Social Media and Content Coordinator, bringing with him over 20 years of fashion industry experience. His areas of expertise include fashion editing and styling, wardrobe for television, visual merchandising, interiors, and garden design. He is excited to draw from all facets of his creative background to enhance the social media and online presence of ThreadWeather.